Experiential Education

European Innovation Academy (EIA) training programs are truly experiential –  EIA Summer program’s aim is to develop a new venture to the market within the 15 days of program. Participants follow all the milestones for creating a startup – from idea to launching. It is the full real-life experience of starting a startup, throughout the program, all the topics, teachings and skills to make it a success will be given to the participants.

Interdisciplinary Design

EIA is an interdisciplinary program which welcomes every imaginable field in the world. At EIA we are aware that innovations are made by people with different yet vital skill sets from all areas of life. During the program, the participants will focus on intense doing not the typical learning processes. Thus, all the intense work is done in teams of 5 and with the help of 5 highly accomplished experts as their mentors (Business mentor, IT mentor, Design mentor, IP mentor, Investor/VC)

Learning with Professionals

Working together with the most remarkable influencers from Silicon Valley – top level institutions like Google, Stanford University, UC Berkeley is an every day thing in all of our programs. EIA holds the Silicon Valley mindset in high regard and has partnered with the tech leaders to bring the mindset in true form to the participants. Industry leaders and professionals from all fields in the startup ecosystem shape the program into a catalyst for tangible outcomes and successes.

Virtual Entrepreneurship

The participants of EIA gain valuable new experiences by mastering the way of how to work together with people from all over the globe and start that off virtually (EIA has established virtual platforms). All individual members of EIA education programs leave with a new skill set that is the consequence of the immersed experience. EIA exploits tech solutions to deliver education: virtual reality, big data, augmented reality, internet of things.