Whether your organisation wants to grow, enhance management of innovation, pursue digital transformation or deal with a shifting competitive landscape, we create learning solutions in partnership with you that benefits both individuals and organisations.

What is Executive Education?

EIA Executive Education is an immersive learning experience – one that empowers executives to reflect, recharge, and reemerge as visionary leaders. Our programs offer the rare opportunity to step back from your daily responsibilities and reset your direction. You will return to your company with fresh insights on strategies for taking your skills to the next level, and a global network of peers whose challenges mirror your own. EIA Executive Education will challenge your assumptions, disrupt your usual ways of doing business, and introduce you to new ways of thinking.

How You Learn Is as Important as What You Learn

Our Executive Education programs focus on the hallmark of EIA experiential learning method. Through dynamic lectures and group discussions, the EIA faculty engages you in real-world business scenarios.  Since our faculty are often corporate professionals, you will acquire an invaluable insider’s perspective as well as new tools for tackling the complex global business challenges facing your organisation. We also cultivate learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Our programs are designed around a “living-and-learning” model that encourages interaction with the EIA faculty and peers from around the world. Click here to read more about EIA Executive Education.

An Executive MBA Alternative

EIA will offer a unique alternative to the typical executive MBA program. The Global Entrepreneur Program (GEP) and Digital Innovator Leap Program (DILP) will offer an accelerated learning experience that transforms high-potential managers into masters of innovation and disruption. Unlike an MBA, GEP & DILP are tailored to your unique needs and global challenges. One-on-one coaching, living groups, personal strategy projects, practical application in three continents (Paris, San Francisco, Singapore), and a faculty composed of full-time EIA professionals are hallmarks of these intensive programs. GEP & DILP programs will start in 2017.


EIA locations are as integral to your learning experience as classroom interaction. On the EIA campuses, our well-appointed living arrangements and facilities are enhanced with state-of-the-art technology to support our participatory learning model. At our regional locations around the world, we provide a wide range of programs in partnership with local universities, research centers, and companies in Palo Alto, Paris, Nice, Turin, and Milan.