Ken Singer, Chair of EIA Council
Maher Hakim, Member of the EIA Council
Pamela Nedik Induni, Advisor

Department of University Relations
Johanna Tukk, Head of University Relations
Anet Kõrsmaa, Country Coordinator, Italy

Department of Curriculum Development
Hedi Krönström, Head of Program Design
Karin Künnapas, Director of Program Design

Department of Corporate Relations
Kristi Tammet, Head of Corporate Relations
Jana Kukk, Director of Corporate Acceleration
Leen Lindam, Digital Marketing Manager

Department of Accommodation Services
Magdalena Ewa Murino, Accommodation Manager in Italy
Susana Fonseca, Accommodation Manager in Portugal

Department of Data and Technology
Janno Stern, Web Development
Raul Kolk, Video Producer
Adina Faiman, Data Manager

Department of Infrastructure and Logistics
Andrea Gazzola, Head of Infrastructure

General Management
Alina Adams, Head of VC Relations
On Lu, Chief IP Counsel
Veiki Kolk, CFO
Kaarel Oja, Country Manager, Italy
Kristiina Tukk, Country Manager, Portugal
Anni Sinijärv, CEO

President Office
Alar Kolk, President