"The entrepreneurship education at EIA gives every participant the opportunity to be immersed in the extreme international startup environment"
- Ken Singer, UC Berkeley

Extreme Entrepreneurship Program - From an idea to a tech start-up in 15 days

Week I

  • Meet & Greet
  • Promoting Yourself
  • Multicultural Team Management
  • Platform Innovation: How to not Repeat Taylor Swift vs Spotify
  • Platform Scaling: Amazon vs Alibaba
  • 5 ways to create 100 MEUR business
  • Fashion Thinking
  • Problem-Solution Fit
  • User Experience Design
  • Online Evidence Searching
  • Google Tools Exploitation
  • Customer Persona Design
  • Creating Customer Value
  • B2B & B2C Innovation Systems
  • Customer Feedback Collection
  • Integrated Product Development
  • MVP Prototyping
  • Digital Prototyping
  • Quantified Self: Hacking Your Life
  • Survival Guide & Experiments for Entrepreneurs

Week II

  • Self Driving Car Industry – Disrupting All Industries
  • Uber, Airbnb, and Tesla Disruption Strategies
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Model Global Scalability
  • Growth Hacking Strategies
  • Protovation
  • Customer Engagement
  • Revenue Model Design
  • Revenue Model 1 to 1 Clinic with Top Experts
  • Go-To-Market Plan
  • Marketing & Distribution Channels
  • Social Media in Marketing Strategy
  • Marketing Campaign Design
  • Using Big Data
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google AdWords Campaign
  • Product Development (Web/Mobile/Physical)
  • UX/UI Design
  • Artificial Intelligence Economics: Future Products / Services
  • 1000 Customer Acquisition in 100 hours
  • Product Launch Tactics & Experiments
  • Personal Ferrari Driving Experience – 1-60 mph in 2,9 Sec.

Week III

  • PR & Branding
  • Funding Strategy Specification
  • How to Build Finance Strategy as Elon Musk
  • Funding Alternatives
  • Intellectual Property Protection Plan
  • IP 1 to 1 Clinic with Top Silicon Valley Experts
  • Startup Finance
  • 8 Things VCs Think About When Valuing Your Startup
  • 10 Rules of Thumb for Startup Investment Valuation
  • Financial KPIs Calculation
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Crowdfunding Campaign
  • VC Funding Tricks
  • Meeting with VCs
  • Fireside Chat with Early Stage Investors
  • 1 to 1 Meetings with Top Silicon Valley VCs
  • Pitching Carousel
  • Pitch like a boss!
  • Open Business Models, Services & Innovation
  • Getting Access to Markets, Technology, and Finance in Cooperation with Established Corporations

The program includes about 70 sessions. Both individual students and pre-formed teams with an idea or a team with a running business can apply and benefit from the program.


Danny Lange

Unity Technologies

Jonah Houston


Flavio Manzoni


John Elkann

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Ravi Belani

Alchemist, Stanford University

Anand Kulkarni


Rune Bentien


Ken Singer

UC Berkeley, CET
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Mentors - Meet & Work @ EIA

Phyllis Whiteley

Mohr Davidow Ventures

Jeffrey D. Abbott

Wasabi Ventures

Hazem Abolrous

Crosslake Technologies, LLC

Anastasia Ashman

Topaz Ventures LLC

Pamela Day


Peter Mullen

Alchemist Accelerator

P.J. Leimgruber

Rank Executives

Stephen D. Torres

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"It is an excellent program for start-up minded students"
- Martin Omander, Program Manager at Google

Startup Seed Investors

Ravi Belani

Alchemist Accelerator

Duncan Davidson

Bullpen Capital

Tiffine Wang

Singtel Innov8 Ventures

Bill Reichert

Garage Technology Ventures

Maher Hakim

Qatar Science & Technology Park

Mike Reiner

Amazon Web Services

Sergio Zocchi

United Ventures

Jose Franca

Portugal Ventures
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"I am going to build my startup in Italy, birthplace of Ferrari"
- William Berg, EIA Participant

"The caliber of the teams is super impressive - the people that are here and the potential of all the students. I get more impressed each year with the level of companies that are coming out."
- Ravi Belani, Alchemist Accelerator & Stanford University

Partner Universities

UC Berkeley

Tsinghua University

Virginia Commonwealth University

Dublin Institute of Technology

American University of Beirut

Azusa Pacific University

James Madison University

Loughborough University

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"I don't think I've ever been involved with a program this massive, from so many different countries around the world."
- Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures

Location & Contact Info

France Headquarters

Avenue Gustavin 18, Nice, France

Italy Headquarters

Via Nizza 230, Turin, Italy

Nordic Headquarters

Sakala 16a-3, Tallinn, Estonia

Silicon Valley Office

555 Mission St, San Francisco, United States