EIA Advocates Next Leap Research

At the heart of EIA, international reputation as “The Innovation School for the World” is the relevance and rigour of its research, teaching and learning materials. The experience and talents of our faculty combine to create world-class research results as well as teaching excellence. The result is top-notch educational programmes, and cutting-edge research that extend the frontiers of business knowledge.

EIA’s prolific research output is gained from excellent partner universities with whom EIA is closely working with. EIA and its strong collaboration with today’s demanding business world explores principles that guide long-term success.

Dedicated Research Areas

EIA students & faculty research bridges disciplines for a change of industries. EIA culture of collaboration drives innovative discoveries in areas vital to our world and our business knowledge

– Advanced Machine Learning (AI) – Ambient User Experience

– Augmented & Virtual Reality – Information of Everything

– Autonomous Agents – Design Thinking & Growth

– Future of Travel & Mobility – Virtual Food

– Innovation & Digital Transformation – Disruptive Fintech

– Digitalisation of Design Products – Educational Technologies